1911 First electric refrigerated water cooler is marketed
1922 First point-of-use “bubbler” is developed
1944 Streamlined cooler design places all components into
a compact case
1949 First electric dehumidifier is marketed
1954 First Hot ‘N Cold™ model is designed
1974 First removable side panel streamlines servicing
1985 First countertop water cooler developed
1990 First point-of-use systems are marketed
1991 The revolutionary WaterGuard® System for no-spill bottle
loading introduced
1992 Ballina, Ireland facility opens
1992 First removable water reservoir cooler
1993 Introduction of polycarbonate cabinet
1998 Service-friendly, stainless steel hot tank introduced
2000 Translucent colour coolers introduced
2001 Gliwice, Poland Plant begins production
2003 Monterrey, Mexico Plant begins production
2004 Company acquires Sunroc
2005 RFX cooler with the RR operating system introduced
2006 Kalix POU model with PVDC system introduced
2009 ONYX countertop bottled and POU model introduced
2010 Kalix POU Carbo co2oler with PVDC system introduced