CO2oler range


Pressure Vessel Direct Chill System combines with a specially designed CO2/water mixer for state of the art chilling and carbonation performance
Delivers a fresh cold drink every time:

  • Virtually continuous delivery of sparkling water (fixed portions eliminated)
  • 20 litres of CO2/cold water per hour
  • Water carbonation level at 5.6 g/l similar to leading bottled brands
  • 1.5 kg CO2 cylinder makes 260 litres of carbonated water
  • Electronic controls insure easy start up and consistent water flow
  • LED lighted colour coded activation buttons for simplicity of use
  • Proven service-friendly OASIS two piece hot tank provides 9 litres of hot water per hour

*CO2 pressure regulator included
*OASIS can supply empty CO2 bottles upon request
*Available in slate grey or champagne cream


  • Revolutionary “Air Fusion” carbonation technology
  • Stylish design to match contemporary surroundings
  • Iconic Removable Reservoir operating system
  • Continuous sparkling water dispense
  • Carbonation level: 5.2 – 5.6 g / litre
  • Electronic LED indicator buttons
  • Handle on back enables easy transport and placement
  • Available in Cook and Cold and Hot and Cold Versions
  • Available in Electronic and Manual activation
  • Removable reservoir, Easy to clean, Easy to remove, Dishwasher safe
  • OASIS Water guard, Simple and effective, Effectively eliminates spills during bottle changes

Download the Technical Specifications: