Archives / Museums


  • Take care of your exhibits in a museum
  • Make sure documents in your archives do not become damaged
  • Do not let humidity negatively affect these items
  • Climate control in museums / archives is essential

Maintaining appropriate humidity levels will allow exhibits in a museum or documents in an archive to be stored in good condition.Air humidity in the above-mentioned premises affects not only the durability of a building or the well-being of people working in them. It directly affects objects, which are inside!

OASIS has a wide range of products suitable for this application. Devices are selected precisely to customer’s needs.

Dehumidifiers offered by OASIS work well in such conditions. They do not have to work all the time… They have a built-in humidistat, which allows the unit to switch off automatically when the humidity level in the room is lowered to the set level and switch back on again if the humidity level starts to increase