• Newly plastered walls and ceilings do not want to dry?
  • Is screed still wet?
  • Do you have a problem with dehumidification of laid floors?
  • You cannot lay the floor because it is not dry?
  • Work is being held back and the deadline is close?

OASIS offers special industrial dehumidifiers that allow considerable reductions in the time to complete construction work.

Thanks to the equipment we offer, you will save money by reducing your waiting and blow heating costs.

OASIS Industrial dehumidifiers are fully professional devices. They are characterized by high quality, reliability and high performance. They are designed to work in the toughest conditions. Reliable and compact design allows them to be used on construction sites or other places where they will be exposed to rough handling. These mobile dehumidifiers can be easily transported on the site.

They are used by construction companies and businesses throughout Europe to dehumidify closed rooms, newly laid floors, painted walls or applied plaster. They can also be used after floods, or in areas with excessive moisture.