• Was your house flooded?
  • You have flooded your neighbours and you do not know where to start the clean up?
  • You have pumped out the water, but the walls and the floor are still damp?
  • You do not know what to do now?

OASIS has the dehumidifier which will bring your house back into working order!

OASIS offer a range of dehumidifiers that will dry even the most flooded of areas! Our units have proved their use in flood situations throughout the world for the last 60 years most recently  after the floods across Europe in 2009 and numerous floods in 2011. They are used by many flood control companies throughout the globe!

There is no need for excessive heating of rooms. Temperature between 15-30ºC is more than enough to dehumidify a room.

Condensation dehumidifiers offered by OASIS are the best product to dehumidify buildings and enclosed spaces. They absorb moisture from the air turning it into water. The water is then collected into tanks, discharged directly into sewers or pumped outside the building.

Air absorbs humidity and moisture from walls, floors and elements of rooms. When dehumidifying the air in a closed room, its walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture are also dehumidified at the same time.

Check out our range – the results will surprise you!