• Do you feel that the humidity level is too high in your home?
  • Does moisture condense on your windows?
  • Is there mould or fungus growing in your apartment?

The proper relative humidity levels for most homes or apartments is 60% ± 5%.

With proper regulation of the level of humidity in a room, you create a clean and healthy living environment. The appropriate level of humidity is also important to keep the building fabric in good condition. Moreover, too much moisture can damage various types of furniture and potentially harm your electronic appliances.

Dehumidifiers are also indispensable equipment for art collectors who require full and long-term protection of their work. Thanks to our devices, your antiques and masterpieces will not be exposed to the possible destructive effects of moisture.

Maintaining an appropriate climate and humidity level in rooms will help to avoid the growth of mould and fungi, which can have a negative effect on your health.

OASIS offers room and home dehumidifiers that will help you cope with the aforementioned problems.Room/home dehumidifiers are usually portable devices. They can be easily moved from place to place thanks to their handles and wheels. Modern design and attractive appearance – these features allow them to work in residential rooms, houses or shops.