Utility Rooms / Basements


  • Do you have flooding issues in your basement?
  • Is your insulation not working properly or are there are wet spots on the walls of the basement / garage?
  • Did severe rainfall flood your garage?

You are not alone with this problem … OASIS will help you dehumidify this space in your house!

A common problem with most cellars and rooms located in the lower levels, even below ground floor level, is their excessive humidity.Various stains or fungi on our walls are the effects of humidity.

Dehumidifiers offered by OASIS work well in such conditions. They do not have to work all the time… They have a built-in humidistat, which allows the unit to switch off automatically when the humidity level in the room is lowered to the set level and switch back on again if the humidity level starts to increase

Place one of our dehumidifiers in a damp room. Close all the windows and doors. Now wait, and after a few hours you will see absorbed moisture from the air collected in the tank.

The air will now absorb moisture from the walls, and it will be condensed in the evaporating tank and you just empty it and note humidification progress!