Under sink green filter system

Improve the taste and quality of your drinking and cooking water with OASIS green filter system

Dangerous contaminants may be found in tap water.
The water in your municipality might be considered safe, but not necessarily the one that is coming out of your particular tap. And even if your tap water is of excellent quality, you still might experience problems of bad taste and odor.

That’s why OASIS has created the new DIY green filter under sink system in order to make removing impurities from your drinking water almost as easy as turning on the tap.

Under sink green filter system saves money, space, time and the environment. Conveniently installed under your sink, it gives you all the benefits of free flowing filtered water without taking up precious counter space. OASIS offers a variety of filters and accessories (filter faucet, flow meter, bracket…) that will provide you with superior filtration for the purest, best tasting water possible. OASIS green filter under sink system offers a host of options allowing you to customize your filtration system based on your individual water concerns. Highly efficient and reliable, these water filters are a great solution for anyone looking for top-rate water filtration.

Eco-friendly OASIS green filters

OASIS reusable and refillable filter housings reduce waste comparing to traditional filters
The main disadvantage of traditional filtration systems is the environmental impact of disposing of a plastic filter – 6 million plastic filters are thrown away every year. This results in over 1,000 tonnes of plastic being sent to landfill (plastic is non-biodegradable). Manufacture of these housings consumes more than 1 million units of electricity.
The OASISĀ® green filter system is a patented re-usable system. The only part that needs to be discarded is the filter media (most of them are biodegradable) – all other parts can be reused over and over again.

Filter replacement media

Once the initial system has been installed, all you have to do is to change periodically the inside (media) of the filter housing.
The media must be replaced at least every 6 months to function effectively. Any of the 10 filter media supplied by OASIS can be purchased separately.