Water the way nature intended it for your business, restaurant or home


Being eco-conscious is our philosophy at natura Water. Bottled Water takes a terrible toll on our environment accounting for over 35 million empty bottles deposited in U.S. landfills, requiring millennia to decompose. Not only is this a hazard but bottled water also comes with a high carbon footprint taking millions of barrels worth of crude oil to manufacture, produce, store, transport and refrigerate.

The Nautra Water system provides a viable alternative to bottled water. It eliminates the use of disposable glass or plastic bottles and also significantly lowers your carbon footprint since there is no storage, transportation or processing costs involved with the water



With ordinary bottled water comes expenses – delivery, storage, disposal and refrigeration – all costs that deplete the bottom line and drain profits. With natura these expenses are eliminated.


Pure & Fresh Water

  • Natura Purification Systems are installed by a natura service specialist to your existing water source
  • Each system comes with a filtration package that purifies tap water through three different high tech natura filters
  • The water is then chilled and carbonated through a special chiller / carbonation unit
  • Only about 15 seconds is need to fill a one litter bottle of pure and tasty natura Water



Standard Features

  • It has a huge capacity of 80 liters per hour
  • Space Saver Design/No Visible Components
  • Delivers a great tasting water:
  • Chilled Sparkling
  • Chilled Still
  • Unchilled Still
  • Components are self contained
  • Well finished and detailed stainless steel parts