Kalix Autodrain Mechanical System

No more overflowing drip trays!
The new OASIS system
conveniently drains the drip
tray into a storage container
inside the cooler.

Many users of water coolers believe the drip tray actually empties to a drain when it does not.

This can result in water overflowing from the drip tray and creating a water spill.

With the new Kalix Autodrain System the water from the drip tray is drained to your choice of a 2 or 5 litre storage container.

Once the storage container is full, a red float indicator rises above the surface of the drip tray, letting the user know it is time to empty the container.

The storage container can then be easily removed without any spills taking place.

The operating principle

Other features:

  • The autodrain system can be “factory fitted” or can also be sold as a “retrofit kit” for units that are already on the field.
  • Two different container sizes (2 liters or 5 liters) available.

Green filters:

    Several possibilities to fit your green filters:

  • up to 3 x EZ Clip green filters + 5L container
  • up to 2 x EZ Turn green filters + 2L container
  • up to 2 x EZ Clip green filters + 2L container + CO2 bottle