There are several bubbler valves used on OASIS watercoolers. Please identify the correct bubbler valve prior to attempting to order replacement parts. The simplest method of doing this to visually compare the bubbler valve currently installed on the cooler with the pictures given below:

One Piece, TamperProof, Vinyl Coated, Non-Regulated Bubbler for P8AC and Radii. Part 035607-108 One Piece, Tamper-Proof, Chrome Plated Brass, Non-Regulated Bubbler for P8AC and Radii. Part 036700-001
Dial-A-Drink Adjustable Bubbler, Chrome Plated Brass. Model 12000A. Part 030774-016 Model 12000A Part 030774-014 Model 12000AL Dial-A-Drink Adjustable Bubbler with Flexible Bubbler Guard. Model 12000A. Part 030774-006 Model 12000A Part 030774-015 Model 12000AL
Soft Touch Bubbler Handle for the Handicapped. Optional Handle for Adjustable Bubbler. Models 12000A and 12000AL. Part 023754-001

Download the Technical Specifications: